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The tuition and fees for MBA students are as follows for 2017-18:

Tuition per semester hour of graduate credit $435
Tuition to audit an MBA course per hour $218
Application for admission $40
Course Supplies per course $300
Technology Fees per semester $200
Returned check fee $35

(All fees are subject to change. Any subsequent changes will be announced separately.)

The MBA program requires all students to have and use a laptop computer.

Online Course Delivery Fee. If you are taking hybrid or online courses, you are charged an online course delivery fee which is assessed at a $10 per credit hour rate. These fees are used to support infrastructure, develop online courses, and provide software, tools, and technology for the delivery of online courses.

Refund of tuition

No refunds will be made on a term's academic fees until after three class meetings within the term. In the case of a withdrawal from school, the refund will be based on the effective date of withdrawal as shown on the official university withdrawal form. Refunds for part-time students who drop credit hours will be based on the date the course is dropped. Financial aid is not credited to a student's account until the student is 100% charged (after second class meeting). Please see the chart below of how the withdrawal dates and refund amounts relate.

Refund of Academic Fees

Date of Official Withdrawal Portion Refunded
First class meeting 100%
After the second class meetings 0%; fully charged