Master of Business Administration - Marketing

Human Resources Management Certificate Courses

BUS 505 - Strategic Human Resource Management (3 credit hours)

Students will develop an understanding of how human resource decisions contribute to business performance. Specific learning objectives include: creating alignment between human resource strategies and business strategies in a cost-effective manner; designing work systems and roles that allow employees to contribute to organization performance; identifying, selecting, and developing people having the competencies that allow them to contribute to organization performance; using compensation and other HR systems that provide rewards and incentives to attract and retain employees and to encourage them to contribute to organization performance; understanding how an employment relationship is like a contract and how the nature of this contract is evolving and taking different forms; and making human resource decisions that are legal and ethical.

BUS 561 - Talent Management (3 credit hours)

This course will provide sourcing strategies for attracting and retaining talented candidates who meet required job specifications and include validated job-related screening devices. The course will begin with workforce planning and forecasting of staffing needs. Targeted strategies of recruitment sources will also be identified. Appropriate metrics will be developed for the recruitment, selection, and retention process. This course will incorporate staffing needs assessments, other descriptions, to properly slot jobs in a compensation structure, and to manage performance. The course is designed to cover legal implications of recruiting, testing, and interviewing to meet business needs of small to large companies. Current software of talent management will be reviewed. An examination of executive search firms will also be conducted to review their effectiveness through a cost-benefit analysis.

BUS 562 - Compensation and Benefits (3 credit hours)

This course is designed to provide information on compensation and benefit programs offered by organizations in various industries.

BUS 563 - Current Issues and Topics in Human Resource Management (3 credit hours)

This course is designed to provide students with information that is currently evolving in HR management (HRM) and trends that are reshaping the profession.