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AU Trojan

Karen V. Zagrodnik

Senior Lecturer of English
Academic Background
Bachelor of Arts, St. Olaf College, English
Master of Arts, University of Georgia, English
Doctor of Philosophy, Auburn University, English
Phone Number:
(864) 231-5525
Karen V. Zagrodnik

What classes do you teach at Anderson

Composition and Communication 101 and 102; British Literature Survey; Advanced Grammar

What year did you start teaching at AU


Why teach at AU?

My undergraduate experience at a small faith-based liberal-arts college had such a formative impact on my religious and intellectual development as a student and as a person that even as an undergraduate I knew I wanted to teach at a similar institution. The professors I had in college are now my models of how individuals can make a difference in students' lives. Anderson University values the integration of faith, knowledge, and personal growth in and outside the classroom, and the opportunity to challenge my students to be their best selves in many areas of their lives is a profound and rewarding calling.


Singing, kayaking, gardening, and traveling. I have been to England (five times), Scotland (three times), France, Turkey (both Europe and Asia), Greece, Poland, Canada, Iceland, and India.

Places you've lived

Virginia; Ohio; Minnesota; Oxford, England; Georgia; Alabama; Texas; South Dakota; Florida; North Carolina; Washington state; and South Carolina

What do you find most enjoyable about working at Anderson University?

Meeting with students outside of class during office hours or at social events.

What I wish prospectives students knew about my discipline or careers in my discipline.

English is about thinking. No matter what career students have after graduation, they will need to use critical thinking skills.

How would you describe your classes to someone who has never attended one?

Interactive: class discussions, in-class and out-of-class group projects, and assignments using technology, such as stop motion videos.