Joseph & Shelby Argo

Joseph Shelby Argo

Legend has it that the swings near the Merritt Administration building are as powerful as Cupid’s arrow. Any couple that sits in their embrace is destined to marry.

For Joseph and Shelby Argo, love bloomed not on a wooden swing, drifting above an Anderson University lawn – but in a Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) community group.

“We were randomly placed in the same one,” says Shelby, who will graduate from AU in May. She met Joseph at BCM during their freshman year at AU.

They were married on May 27, 2017. Joseph Shelby Argo

While Joseph finishes his master’s degree, Shelby splits her time between classes at AU and FerebeeLane, a graphic design agency in downtown Greenville.

“We live in Greenville with two cats, and have a lot of failed cooking attempts under our belt,” Shelby says. “Post-grad life has been good to us, full of challenging lessons and growth, but with so much fun and joy along the way!”