Bethany Mansfield

Eight years old. That’s how old I was when I knew I wanted to perform professionally in musical theater. Fast-forward to 2017: I’m now a junior in the musical theater program at The South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University. Blessed with caring family, friends and faculty, I feel constantly encouraged in my calling to children’s theater.

AU’s compelling, Christ-centered environment drew me to campus. The faculty is so personable and welcoming, constantly reminding us that yes, we must be proud of our work, but more importantly, our pride must reside in the Lord. Entering into my third year at AU feels surreal: from a financial standpoint, I should not be attending this university. Coming from a one-income family of four kids, counting pennies is not a phrase I take lightly. Scholarships and financial aid from AU, as well as other private institutions, provided me with the funds to study my craft and set up the best four years of my life.

With the incredible environment, people and valuable training, AU has proved a wonderful, essential stepping stone for my future. As an aspiring children’s theater actor, my training at The South Carolina School of the Arts has brought along opportunities and opened doors, such as singing a solo at the Kennedy Center and touring across the USA with the Missoula Children’s Theater.

Being at Anderson University, I have grown in my faith and my education. I feel equipped to work professionally in my desired field: performing and teaching musical theater to children. And maybe I’ll meet another eight-year-old girl who will be inspired to do the same.

- Bethany Mansfield