Organizational Leadership - Human Resource Administration

From the first day on their new job, to their retirement party some 30 years later, employees will turn to you for help. When they get married. When their insurance needs change. When they need to take some time off to care for a loved one. When their career feels stifled and unfulfilling. It's you they will turn to for help, guidance, and assistance navigating the rocky waters of benefits and leave.

As a human resources administrator, you’ll be the one person who looks out for both the employees’ best interests, as well as the company’s.

Human Resources

It’s the human resource department’s responsibility to maintain records on employees, help employees navigate their career with the company, manage insurance for the company, set policies and procedures and ensure the company is adhering to all federal, state and local employment laws. It’s a challenging and rewarding career that helps employees be the best that they can be, while protecting the company from bad practices and lawsuits.

Human resource management encompasses human resource planning, recruitment, compensation, performance management, employee relations, talent management, training and development to name a few.

Christian Organizational Influence

Human Resources has a critical role of recognizing each employee's talent, skill, and capabilities and areas for further development to enhance individual, team, and organizational performance. Our human resources administration program is rooted in Christian principles and teaches students how to address difficult situations and ethical questions with a firm rooting in faith.

HR also offers us an opportunity to use Christian principles from training and coaching employees to developing leaders to influence others. As followers of Christ, we are each given talents and spiritual gifts. Some have the gift of administrating, encouraging, or shepherding. Christian HR leaders can apply their gifts from a new-hire orientation or training session to performance reviews and succession planning. 

Roads to a Bachelor’s Degree

AU offers two Adult Studies programs in Organizational Leadership: Human Resources Administration. One program enables students to enter the program with an associate’s degree and continue their education to get a bachelor’s degree. The other is designed for adult students who haven’t yet earned any college credit.

Both tracks require a foundation of liberal arts and then a 48 credit-hour concentration in organizational leadership classes such as Management 343, where you will learn how to conduct a job analysis, a performance analysis, a training needs assessment, and a performance appraisal session, as well as learn interviewing techniques, develop HR strategies that align with the business’ strategy and develop an employee handbook. In Compensation Management 420, you’ll conduct a job evaluation, design and evaluate a pay structure, conduct a wage survey and design appropriate rewards and incentives.


As an Organizational Leadership student, you can complete your degree completely online. But some classes are also offered on AU’s main campus on Mondays and Thursday from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Classes are held in two seven-week sessions within each fall and spring semester, and an additional 7-week session in the summer.

The Future

Organizational Leadership: Human Resource Administration offers students the skills and knowledge to be an integral person within any business. Students majoring in organizational leadership can go on to be human resources administrators, human resources specialists, or human resources generalists, or pursue a master’s degree in human resource management.

As the economy grows, jobs in the human resources field are growing as well, with some projections showing that there will be a four to eight percent growth in human resources jobs through 2020. With a median salary in the high $50,000 range, a career in human resources can provide you with a stable job that will provide long tenures with a company, as well as many new opportunities with other companies.