The South Carolina School of the Arts


The South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University aspires to purchase a Steinway D Grand Piano.


Steinway pianos represent the highest standard of quality for professional performance and rehearsal venues, university piano studios and individual practice spaces. The Music Department in the South Carolina School of the Arts aspires to provide exceptional instruction and performance experiences for its piano students, hundreds of students involved in performance ensembles and music classes, and Anderson community members who attend over 60 concerts and recitals annually. To pursue our vision of becoming an All-Steinway school, we are starting with the goal of securing a Steinway Grand Piano to be used in daily rehearsals and our premiere performance events.


The Steinway piano brand is acclaimed internationally for its superb tone, response and consistency. The designation of an All-Steinway school communicates commitment to national standards of academic and musical achievement, and students who are serious about studying the piano are highly attracted to music programs with this distinction. Likewise, Steinway & Sons promotes All-Steinway universities as a key component of its international marketing strategy. Pursuing the vision of an All-Steinway school will increase the prestige of the South Carolina School of the Arts and its Music Department, attract premiere piano students to study in its music programs, enhance the performances of students, faculty, and guest artists, and enrich the musical experiences of audiences who attend our numerous concerts, recitals and other music events.

Music Department Involvement

  • 187—Current students enrolled in traditional and graduate programs
  • 486—Students from all degree programs who participate in music classes and ensembles
  • 8400—Estimated number of audience members who attend over 60 music events each year


In keeping with the vision of Anderson University, we aspire to be a premiere Music Department within the South Carolina School of the Arts, at local, regional, national, and international levels.


To prepare students for discovering and pursuing their calling in Jesus Christ through their chosen music professions, with excellence in servant-leadership.


A Steinway D Grand Piano (9’) at a cost of $155,471.