College of Education - Enhance Technology for the Center for Success


Enhance Technology for the Center for Success


The COE will focus its fundraising to a) transform the stationary computer lab into a portable lab through the purchase of computers/software; b) refurbish Johnston 200 to house the new portable computer center and also serve as the Center for Success, an outreach program for training and technology enhancement of teachers now in the field; and c) convert Johnston 220 (current computer lab) into a room for workshops, seminars, and classes. Technology is changing constantly. Having up-to-date access to technology will improve our ability to deliver instruction and training. Changing these classrooms will eliminate the cramped conditions of the current computer lab and improve the learning environment for our students as well.


By providing opportunities for students and teachers in the field to enhance their technology skills and to use them effectively in the classroom, we will aid future teachers and current teachers in building greater success for their students. We will also increase marketability of our students with advanced technology training.

College of Education

Ÿ558 - Current students enrolled in traditional, adult studies and graduate programs


In keeping with the vision of Anderson University, the College of Education seeks to produce Christian educators who are characterized by a commitment to learning and service and are dedicated to inspire these values in their own classrooms of learners.Ÿ


To prepare men and women to become Christ-centered "educators who are builders of knowledge, values and community" by nurturing the development of character, servant leadership, and cultural engagement.

Goal - $10,000