College of Christian Studies – Great Commission Ministry Trips


Provide Great Commission Ministry Trips for students in the College of Christian Studies


The College of Christian Studies will seek to raise money to help fund ministry-mission trips for students who might otherwise be financially unable to participate. Our world is changing constantly and having the opportunity for our students to experience ministry and service all over the world will improve their ability to lead, love, and be the light for many people in our dark world. Changing the lens with which our students experience ministry will greatly impact their overall development and better prepare our AU graduates.


By providing opportunities for students interested in ministry and missions to enhance their experience as part of these Great Commission Ministry trips, we will aid Anderson University’s focus and passion for Kingdom growth and service each and every year. We will also increase the level of ministry preparation of our students with advanced missions training and experience.

College of Christian Studies

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The College of Christian Studies and the Clamp Divinity School offer academic excellence in programs that emphasize practical ministry training for a new generation of Kingdom leaders. You can customize your Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with concentrations in Youth Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Apologetics, Biblical Studies, Missions, and Women's Ministry. If you are continuing your education, we also offer a Master of Ministry, Master of Divinity, Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Preaching, and a Doctor of Ministry in 21st Century Ministry. Our alumni are serving the Kingdom of God in a variety of ministry and missionary settings–as pastors and church planters, worship leaders and church educators, missionaries and denominational leaders, professors and campus ministers, and many other roles.

Goal - $10,000