College of Business - Developing Professionals for the Future


Increase the opportunities for students in the College of Business to develop professionally through real-life business experiences.


Students have limited opportunities to associate themselves with professional organizations relevant to their area(s) of concentration and thereby benefit from the expertise and networking opportunities provided by such organizations. Through support of the College of Business A Day Cause, your contributions will provide our students with the opportunity to join and participate in professional organizations and/or form student chapters of professional organizations in their area(s) of business concentration. These activities will provide professional development opportunities for our students and better prepare them upon graduation from AU. Your gift will provide our students with the necessary finances to join professional associations, attend meetings and travel to and from those meetings and functions.


As members of the faculty and AU family, we believe an opportunity for our students to participate in professional organizations will significantly enhance their learning experience through participation and interaction with experienced professionals. Such participation in professional organizations will provide additional credibility and professional development as our students interact with potential future employers and prepare for their careers, post-graduation.

College of Business

Our graduates work in Fortune 500 companies, other businesses, and non-profits, performing functions from management to marketing. After graduating from the College of Business, which is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, you'll be able to serve organizations in the following capacities:

  • Managing people
  • Communicating effectively
  • Marketing a service or product
  • Performing accounting functions
  • Creating efficient processes
  • Leading and serving others

Whether your dream job is running a church or a national chain, your business education will give you the know-how to help it run effectively.

Goal - $10,000