Athletic Department

  • Ÿ 260+ student-athletes
  • Ÿ 15 total sports (men and women)
  • Ÿ Vision: be competitive in the South Atlantic Conference and win championships


Abney Athletic Center Enhancements – Basketball and Volleyball Office Renovations and Sports Medicine Facility Expansion

Goal: $50,000


Anderson University (AU) Athletics is on the rise! With the growing number of athletic programs and athletes at AU, an updated and expanded Sports Medicine Facility is needed to enhance our student-athlete experience and overall health care, including preventative services, emergency care, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions for all 17 intercollegiate sports teams. We compete at the highest level within the NCAA Division II; thus, improving this facility will help us take the needed steps to not only be more competitive, but fully invest in the safety and wellness of our student-athletes.

In addition to improving Sports Medicine, we also plan to continue to improve and develop office space within the Abney Athletic Center, which would include renovating all our basketball and volleyball offices. We strive for excellence in all we do in the Athletic Department and space is a key contributor to recruiting, competitive advantage, and the student-athlete experience. By investing in our athletic program and their spaces, we build excitement and pride in a culture of excellence as we compete in the South Atlantic Conference as a NCAA Division II program and as great representatives of Anderson University – Go Trojans!