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Interning abroad is a great way to learn about another country and gain valuable work experience for your resume. If you plan on studying abroad for a full semester you can also see if there are internship courses you can take while abroad. In addition to semester-length internships, students may intern abroad for summers or a short period.

Work abroad can be complex because each country has unique work visa regulations. AU recommends students work with an organization that assists with all visa and employment paperwork to ensure students maintain legal status within the country they work.

AU's Office of International Programs can connect you with internships abroad that range from six to ten weeks in places all across the world. Consult with a study abroad advisor and your academic advisor to assess whether you can receive transferable, academic credit for internships you have abroad. Explore some of the options below:

For more information, contact the Office of International Programs at or (864) 231-2185.