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Getting Started

Study abroad is a life-changing experience, and there are so many options available to students that we recommend you visit the International Programs office. We have you complete a brief questionnaire to find out more about your interests, personal concerns, individual needs and your academic and professional goals. We want to know if you have traveled before and for how long. No matter if you have traveled the world or are just starting out, work with your faculty advisor to choose a program and courses that will help you achieve your goals.

AU Abroad programs are led by Anderson University faculty and are open to eligible juniors and seniors. Anderson University also offers semester-length programs. We can help you decide on a program that fits your unique needs since we have varying length of programs in a wide variety of countries.

Start thinking about where you want to study abroad for professional, academic and personal reasons:

Professional Reasons

Study abroad will expand your resume. Knowledge of another culture and international issues will make you a more valuable candidate for employment. Cultivate communication skills by interacting with others from another culture. Build a global perspective on business, the arts, education and more. Your options are broad and varied. Together with your faculty advisor, we can help you select a program that is right for you.

Personal Development

Some students have specific regions they are interested in studying abroad, and others are completely open to finding a country. Study abroad also allows you to challenge yourself within a new environment and culture. Meet new friends and connect with others abroad. Depending upon what you want to do, we will help you locate a fulfilling program.

Academic Reasons

Study abroad allows you to learn experientially, which is "hands on learning." Some students study abroad to gain fluency in another language. Others study abroad to gain perspective on political, social, environmental and educational issues.

Start your journey! Meet with a study abroad counselor today. Email us at with any questions, or stop in the International Programs office, which is located at 302 Williamston Rd, Anderson SC 29621. You can also call us at (864) 231-2185. The International Programs office is open Mondays through Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The office is easily accessible by Trojan Transit. Appointments are highly recommended.