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AU Abroad has full semester programs in Ireland, Italy, Spain, England, France, China, Australia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Lithuania, Thailand, Uganda, Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands. Students are required to obtain approval from the International Programs Office, Anderson Central, and Academic Affairs before departure. The International Programs Office will assist you with the application process.

Depending upon your major and life circumstances, it is up to you. However, most students study abroad during their sophomore or junior year. Many use their elective credits for a semester-length study abroad program.

Prices vary from program to program and country to country. The length of time you study abroad also impacts costs.

Yes! However, if you go in the summer, then you are not eligible for (SC) state aid. During the summer you are eligible for student loans and/or parent loans. To get the loans you must go on an approved program that allows transfer of federal aid and take six credits or more for the summer. Speak with a financial aid counselor to assist you.

AU has short term programs led by faculty that are about 10 days to 14 days. These provide a great opportunity to study abroad on a tight budget. We also have mission trips available in Campus Ministries. Colleges and schools at Anderson University also offer short-term missions or faculty-led programs. The frequency and duration of the program vary so ask your faculty advisor or the International Programs Office for more information. We also have AU Abroad, in which juniors and seniors can attend a course run by an AU faculty member that involves a short trip to another country. Scholarships, such as those offered through the Fulbright program and U.S. State Department, also can finance your studies abroad.

Your federal aid can normally be used for a full semester program that is approved. For programs we list on our website, through CCCU (Best Semester), CGE (Consortium for Global Education) and CAPA, you can use your state aid. However AU scholarships and grants cannot be used for study abroad in another country. Please note: Only study abroad programs that are approved for credit by Anderson University (the home institution) may be considered enrollment at the home institution for purposes of applying for assistance under Title IV, HEA programs (federal aid) as per Title IV [34 C.F.R. § 668.43(a)(9)].​

If you are a freshman or sophomore, consider the Fulbright US/UK Summer Institute. It enables students with at least two more years of university education left to participate in a three-week summer program in the United Kingdom. Most of expenses are covered, but scholarships depend upon the program to which you apply. Applicants must have a 3.5 or higher GPA to apply.

The US Fulbright program offers 10-month to 12-week fully covered scholarships to students to study in another country. The application process is a full year before you depart. Each country has specific guidelines and requirements. You can teach English as a second language or design a research program to investigate while abroad. Meet with your Fulbright advisor for more information: Director of International Programs Ann-Margaret J. Themistocleous, M.Ed., in the International Programs Office. She can be reached at (864) 231-2185 or