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Students should plan for their study abroad experience at least a year in advance. A year gives students enough time to complete their financial and programmatic paperwork, create a budget, and save for their trip.

Students should meet with a financial counselor in AU’s Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships to review their financial aid eligibility for study abroad and to understand their financial responsibilities for programs. Students may be able to use some of their federal and state financial aid in the CAPA and Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) programs listed on this site. Students cannot, however, transfer financial aid to all study abroad programs. AU students should note that university scholarships and grants may only be used for the three true exchange programs listed on this site.

The first step in the students' study abroad experience is to meet with a study abroad counselor to discuss their options and plan. Students can contact us at For financial aid questions, please contact Jay Roberts.

Please note: Only study abroad programs that are approved for credit by Anderson University (the home institution) may be considered enrollment at the home institution for purposes of applying for assistance under Title IV, HEA programs (federal aid) as per Title IV [34 C.F.R. § 668.43(a)(9)].