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From the stage, we tell our stories of the human condition. Performers. Directors. Design. Stage management. Sets. Each element contributes to the theatre’s ability to communicate empathy, power, change, growth and joy. Reaching these transcendent moments takes more than aspiration; it takes work. Anderson’s Bachelor of Arts in Theatre will transform you into a well-rounded theatre artist whose skill set ranges from design and analysis to acting and writing. You have the freedom to shape your electives around your interests, too. This freedom creates a tailored education that propels you into a full-time theatre career or graduate school.

Program Overview

Your journey through Anderson’s theatre program starts with a pre-requisite audition, then progresses through four years of challenging, inspiring coursework taught by professors with extensive professional experience. The following three courses reflect the depth of learning you’ll receive at AU: 

Auditions Course prepares you to excel at auditions through specific techniques. 

Theatre History walks you through the dialogue between history and the arts, starting with the development of theatre in the Grecian world and ending with modern times. 

Script and Character Analysis refines your sense of genre and style as you read through the standard canon of plays. You’ll discover which characteristics make up a certain genre, including character development and plot motivation. 


The main audition day for all new theatre majors is a fall masterclass. Auditions take place on other days during the fall semester, too.  Schedules are available from the theatre department.

Actors are required to do two contrasting monologues no longer than two minutes in combined length. Musical theatre performers are required to do one monologue and 16 measures of two contrasting songs. Musical theatre auditions may require dancing, too. 

Career Outlook

The theatre program’s emphasis on creating a well-rounded theatre artist prepares you to excel in any number of positions. The BA in Theatre will prepare you for positions in design, lighting, directing, stage management and arts administration. Salaries in these positions vary, depending on the theatre company. Entry-level arts administrators earn around $30,000 on average, but they can make up to about $150,000 in top-flight theatres. Stage managers can earn $2,400 a week in a Broadway show. The position you choose, the theatre in which you work, and union contracts will often dictate your salary. And, if you want to further your theatre studies, your degree is the perfect foundation for a graduate program.