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The Theatre program at the South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University is designed to give students a tailored education that propels you into a full-time theatre career or for graduate study.

Why Theatre from AU

A Bachelor of Arts in Theatre will transform you into a well-rounded theatre artist whose skill set ranges from design and analysis to acting and writing. You have the freedom to shape your electives around your interests, which makes it easy to obtain a double major in your four years on campus.

Our program prepares students for a career in any aspect of theatre -- from backstage to center stage. In theatre practicum, even those students majoring in performance learn costume and set design, and work on a variety of productions, so that they will have a well-rounded education.

Our program offers a generalized degree that offers flexibility and diversity in their theatrical pursuits. Students are exposed to all aspects of theatre – from performance and design to dance and musical theatre and theatre history and dramaturgy. This broad approach in our studies allows students to discover their own path without focusing on a singular area. This creates a path for students to pursue careers as dramaturges, playwrights, directors, actors or theatre managers.

Career Outlook

If center stage is your destination, your AU training—plus some gumption and hard work—will get you there. An actor’s median salary is $33,400, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. You can also pursue a variety of careers in theater, film and related fields including:

  • Talent agent, $90,870
  • Broadcast presenter, $53,311
  • Producer, $47,300
  • Special effects technician, $40,243
  • Film Editor, $36,700
  • Playwright, $63,200
  • Theater manager, $45,105*


The BA in Theatre will prepare you for positions in dramaturgy, film production, directing, stage management, and arts administration. Salaries in these positions vary, depending on the theatre company. Through your studies at the South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University, you develop skills that are applicable to any field. Students leave AU with confidence, strong public speaking skills, adaptability, and how to read a room. This skill set often propels AU students to pursue careers in law or politics.

THE 240 - Script & Character Analysis

In this course, students read plays and musicals, dissecting them to analyze structure, character development, and more. This helps the student gain full understanding of every aspect of a production.

THE 340 - Play Directing

In this fundamental course, students take the knowledge they gained from THE 240 to direct character movement and motivation in a production. This is a practical study of various components of play directing, including principles of composition, characterization, development of a formal prompt book and a public presentation of a directing scene.

THE 321 & 322 - Theatre History I & II

A literary and historical study of genres and themes of theatre history from ancient Greece through the twentieth century. Advanced theatre research skills are integrated through a playwright research project.