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Why a Worship Leadership degree from AU

The program is designed for students who are called to ministry as worship leaders in the Church. This professional program focuses on musical training through the intense study of piano, voice, and guitar. Students gain hands-on training in conducting, songwriting, technology and arranging. Throughout the program, students participate in various ensembles and complete internships with local churches.

In our Worship Leadership program, students receive vigorous theological training, which shapes how we view the role of worship in the church. Students strengthen their leadership skills and learn how to shepherd a congregation to a have a deeper connection with God. Course requirements train students how to build a worship program for a variety of ensembles and to build strong relationships with the worship team, pastoral team, and the congregation. Students apply their leadership training and technical skills as they serve with local churches, leading live streams, worship services and more.

The program culminates with a senior worship project in which students design and lead a worship experience on campus or at a church during their internship. Graduates are well prepared to step off campus and onto the stage to lead congregations in worship.

Students learn worship design, including incorporating technology into the service. Through this program, AU prepares students as future worship leaders who will help people experience the presence of God in the community of believers in a local church through the arts and music, and enhanced by media and technology. We believe through the creative practice of worship we are reflecting our creative God.

Career Outlook

Worship leaders are in high demand. With the invaluable practical experience AU students gain through this program, they are highly marketable in the field. The average salary of a worship pastor is $45,440, according to

Other careers and median salaries you can pursue with a Worship Leadership degree are:

  • Music Teacher, $69,530
  • Recording Artist, $39,810
  • Music Director or Composer, $51,670

*Median salaries from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

MUP 202 - Worship Lab

Students gain hands-on experience in forming, rehearsing, and leading a worship band under instructor supervision.

MUS 317 - Basic Conducting

This course focuses on the theory and practice of conducting. Students learn the basic physical skills of conducting a band or chorus.

MUC 324 - Worship Leadership in Music

In this course, students will focus on biblical concepts of music in worship, the nature of worship, and the principals of worship, with attention to the orders, methods and materials in planning and leadership worship.

MUC 375 - Worship Design

This course provides an overview of theological, musical, visual, dramatic and media elements in worship. Students can use these skills – which incorporates technology into the worship service – with local churches.

MUC 495 - Worship Internship

Worship leadership seminar class with church internship assignment. Application and integration of theology, planning, performance skills, worship elements, leadership, and administration within a church setting; current topics, professional preparation, and evaluation in seminar classes.