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The String Quartet is one of the most prominent chamber ensembles in classical music. There are two string quartet ensembles at Anderson University; each one is comprised of the standard instrumentation of two violinists, a violist and a cellist.

The classical music repertoire of the quartets can change each semester—from Medieval or Renaissance to Baroque or Romantic. In the past, for example, the quartet has performed works from the Classical period by Austrian composer Franz Joseph Haydn.

The string quartets perform throughout the year at events on campus, such as before the Christmas concert, as well as off campus. In the past, the groups have performed at local schools, community groups, and private functions. While some of these concerts were organized by the university to give back to the community, others were paid performances. The string quartet is hired through the Music Department to perform at events and venues throughout the year, such as at weddings, art galleries, and local churches. These concerts allow ensemble members to be compensated financially for their time and talents.

In addition to performances, students in the string quartet also enjoy mentorship. Participants benefit from the intimate working environment of a smaller ensemble, which allows them to form strong relationships with their coaches and other students.

Participation in the String Quartet is an academic requirement for performance majors, and enrollment is limited to four students per group. The ensemble practices once per week with a coach and once on its own.