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AU Trojan

Nearly a dozen instrumental ensembles at the South Carolina School of the Arts provide rigorous ensemble training and performance opportunities. Performing musical styles from classical to contemporary, the instrumental ensembles include:

Joining an ensemble

The ensembles are open to all AU students—regardless of academic major or skill level—whether students want to play for enjoyment or receive more musical training. Auditions may be required to play in certain groups, and merit scholarships are available. All instrumental ensembles practice twice per week, with the goal of pursing excellence.

The benefits

There is no better training than that offered in an instrumental ensemble. Whether you are pursuing a career as a professional musician or just enjoy playing for fun, being a part of an ensemble teaches discipline, teamwork, and leadership. Members benefit from the opportunity to tour and perform publicly, and select students are mentored into paid positions to further develop their skills, such as with churches, schools, marching bands, and even studios.

For more information, contact Dr. Andrew Pettus, Director of Instrumental Activities, at or (864) 231-2127.