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The South Carolina School of the Arts' Bachelor of Arts in Art with a Concentration in Graphic Design teaches students critical and creative thinking to prepare for careers in print and web design.

Essential preparation

Our graphic design program immerses students in the creative process, with attention to everything from basics, such as two-dimensional design, color theory, and software, to corporate identity and branding, packaging and publication design, and interactive web design. The graphic design course sequence culminates in a senior capstone course in which students create their own personal branding and develop both print and digital portfolios. The program's internship requirement and opportunities to compete nationally while being nurtured by faculty who are working professionals produce graduates who're well prepared to enter the workforce.

Freshman foundation

All freshmen art students complete a first-year sequence of team-taught foundation courses that cover principles of design, problem solving, and project management skills. They also learn ideation (the process of forming ideas or images) and conceptual development.

Advanced coursework and Christian influence

Upper-level coursework cultivates and enhances students' skills in photography, print and web design, and typography. Students gain expertise in designing for everything from advertising and corporate publications to smart phones. The training is as rigorous as what you'll find anywhere else, but it happens in a small, nurturing, Christian environment. Some students use their abilities to further the work of nonprofits, and some do pro bono work for causes they believe in. Graduates with this concentration are highly marketable and have landed jobs in advertising agencies, marketing firms, and in-house corporate design departments. The bar is set high, but the teachers are encouraging. In fact, all students meet regularly with a mentor who help them develop a plan for their artistic and professional goals.

Opportunities to grow and excel

South Carolina School of the Arts students have consistently won graphic design competitions at the local, regional, and national levels, many times against larger, well-known schools and art institutes. In the last five years alone, this recognition includes more than 100 American Advertising Awards, the advertising industry's largest and most representative competition, including a national "Best in Show" in a college competition with 65,000 entries.

Outstanding faculty

The professors who teach graphic design bring their professional experience and expertise into the classroom. Some have run their own design firms, some have won notable awards at the national and international levels, some are artists who have exhibited their fine art work throughout the world, and some conduct research on sustainable graphic design practices. Sustainable practices in this field consider the environmental impact of products whose production involves graphic design. So this means reducing the amount of materials used, employing recycled materials, and thinking about what the inks are made of, for instance.

Your future as a graphic designer

Graduates of this program have gone on to successful careers at advertising agencies, design firms, and marketing companies, as well as at in-house design departments of large corporations. Program alumni work for design firms across the country, including in New York and San Francisco. For more information about studying graphic design at Anderson University, contact Dr. Jo Carol Mitchell-Rogers, Chair of the Department of Art and Design, at or (800) 542-3594.