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The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre with a concentration in Acting program at the South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University is designed to give students the rigorous training necessary to work as a professional actor or be prepared for graduate study, and the liberal arts education that serves as a strong foundation for any career.

Why Acting from AU

The BFA in Theatre - Acting is intended to release and nurture the creative spirit in the individual theatre-artist through improvisation, intellectual stimulation, and faculty mentorship.

We believe that the program goes beyond what students gain through a conservatory approach. Like a conservatory program, AU students learn performance methods and techniques for professional acting. Students also gain a comprehensive understanding of the liberal arts that prepares them for the stage, graduate studies, or other careers.  

Most great acting teachers have written of the need for successful actors to be students of life; a vital foundation for a career in acting. A strong liberal arts core prepares the AU theatre student to do just this!  AU students explore history, sociology, psychology, literature, and math among other subjects.

In addition, five required acting courses, four acting labs, and the opportunity for additional acting courses provide the foundation for students to sharpen their craft.  Students study and apply the acting techniques of a variety of theorists including Constantin Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner, Viola Spolin, and Michael Chekhov.

Our program prepares students for a career in any aspect of theatre -- from backstage to center stage.  In theatre practicum, even those students majoring in performance learn costume and set design, and work on a variety of productions, so that they will have a well-rounded education.

Career Outlook

If center stage is your destination, your Anderson University training—plus some gumption and hard work—will get you there. An actor’s median salary is $33,400, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. You can also pursue a variety of careers in theater, film and related fields including:

  • Arts administrator, $107,520
  • Talent agent, $90,870
  • Secondary school teacher, $61,600
  • Broadcast presenter, $53,311
  • Producer, $47,300
  • Special effects technician, $40,243
  • Film Editor, $36,700

Through your studies at the South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University, you develop skills that are applicable to any field. Employers seek professionals who are dependable, loyal, and disciplined – all traits of theater students. Our students learn how to work collaboratively as part of a team; hone their leadership skills; exhibit self-discipline and initiative, and the ability to work under pressure – all highly valued skills in the workforce.

THE 204 - Auditions

Students learn how to improve audition skills. This course breaks down the steps to a successful audition including how to break down a script, what to do during an audition and how to earn approval from a casting panel.

THE 205 - Actor’s Lab

This course provides a holistic approach to an actor’s skills. In lab, students dedicate their time to various exercises that help them actors develop physical flexibility, mental concentration, emotional availability, spontaneity, and artistic sensitivity.

THE 403 - Shakespeare in Performance

Taking the timeless classics of Shakespeare, students study scenes and learn various methods and means of playing Shakespeare.

THE 435 - Theatre as a Business

This advanced level of training focuses on the business of theatre, specifically designed for actors, directors, stage managers, choreographers, designers and technicians.

THE 480 - New York City Symposium

This advanced course is open to theatre majors only and focuses on acting, musical theatre, film/television acting and auditioning. Students enjoy observing and critiquing major productions, attending on-site classes at professional studios, auditioning for talent agents and casting directors and experiencing life in New York City.