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AU Trojan

David K. Greer

Assistant Professor of Interior Design
Academic Background
Bachelor of Science in Design - Clemson University
Master of Architecture - Clemson University
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What classes do you teach at AU?

ID255 - Computer Aided Drawing & Design (AutoCAD)
ID350 - Commercial Design
ID353 - Building Systems, Materials, Codes and Details
ID354 - Advanced Computer Aided Drawing & Design (Revit)
ID355 - Lighting Design
ID452 - Contract Design I
ID453 - Contract Design II

What year did you start teaching at AU?


Why teach at AU?

Anderson University's School of Interior Design does an excellent job of preparing students for a professional career in the design field.  AU has good working relationships with local professionals in the field and has a strong program focused on creative design and technical proficiency.  The small class sizes easily allow personal interaction with students not available in larger classroom settings.


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Notable achievements outside of discipline?

Registered Architect in South Carolina

LEED-Certified Professional specializing in Building Design and Construction

Designer for local project that received 1998 Honor Award from the South Carolina Chapter of the American Institute of Architects

Places you've lived?

South Carolina

What do you find most enjoyable about working at AU?

Beautiful, small campus and gifted, academically curious students.  Students are respectful, responsible and pleasant to work with.

What I wish prospectives students knew about my discipline or careers in my discipline?

Students often do not realize the technical requirements of Interior Design with respect to life safety issues associated with the interior built environment.  Also, design is a subjective task.  It is a synthesis of information processed by the designer through the lens of their specific cultural and experiential background, so each solution should be unique and there can be several different solutions to the same problem.  Students should realize that artistic and communication skills are essential to this major. Computers are powerful visualization tools, but pencil and paper are always needed to brainstorm and communicate person to person. Public speaking is also an integral skill for a designer.

How would you describe your classes to someone who has never attended one?

My classes are a blend of lecture and studio design projects.  We cover new material in lectures and spend time reviewing progress on studio design projects with groups or with one-on-one reviews. I try to include relevant information from my architectural practice to help associate the course content with "real-world" career applications.