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Kinesiology is the study of human movement and is often used as an umbrella term to describe the interrelationships between the physiology and anatomy of the body. It’s a great field if you’ve always wanted to know what the body is capable of and how you can both help it perform better and protect it from injuries.

Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration

A physical therapist is responsible for remediating and promoting mobility. They are involved in instructing patients how to prevent or manage a health condition while also providing motivation during treatment for optimal function. If you’re a good critical thinker, possess great communication skills, manage your time well, and balance both confidence in your skills and compassion for your patients, you’ll excel in this field.

Our kinesiology major with a concentration in pre-physical therapy, prepares you for graduate study in physical therapy and related fields or a career in health and fitness.

To Become a Kinesiology Major

Before students can take on the advanced courses in kinesiology, they must earn a 2.5 GPA in three course: Introduction to Cell Biology, College Trigonometry, and General Chemistry. After passing these courses, they can progress in the major and choose a concentration, such as pre-physical therapy.

Advanced Coursework and Christian Influence

It takes a special person to be a physical therapist. You need to be patient, compassionate, and a good communicator when working with patients, physicians, and administrators. Therefore, a person who serves in the spirit of Christ will excel in this profession.

Physical therapy is not only about diagnosing and treating the injury, but also finding the cause of the injury and using this knowledge to correct the problem so it will not reoccur.

Preparation for an Advanced Degree

To become a physical therapist you must graduate from an accredited institution and pass a state board examination. Completing a pre-physical therapy concentration from Anderson University will give you a strong advantage in graduate school or when you’re pursuing work in the health and fitness fields.  Courses ranging from Anatomy and Physiology to Physics and Chemistry will prepare you for advanced coursework, rigorous internships, and a deep understanding of the mechanics of human movement. By the end, you’ll understand how the human body works, and the most effective methods of recovery and rehabilitation.

Graduates of our kinesiology program have pursued graduate work at The Medical University of South Carolina, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, and Franklin Pierce University.

Your Future

To become a physical therapist, you must earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy. AU’s Pre-Physical Therapy concentration was created after we researched the job market and graduate schools and spoke with professionals in the field. Our concentration covers the subjects every successful physical therapist needs. After earning your Doctor of Physical Therapy, you’ll be qualified to work in physical therapy centers and offices around the country or find work in the orthotics industry designing braces and splints that help people recover from serious injuries.

Our graduates hold jobs as physical therapists at places such as Excel Physical Therapy. Others work in related fields such as a patient services director at Elite Integrated Therapy Centers.