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AU Trojan

Deanna Bland Hiott

Assistant Professor of Nursing
Academic Background
PhD, Medical University of South Carolina
MSN, Charleston Southern University
BSN, University of South Carolina Upstate
BS, University of South Carolina Upstate
ADN, University of South Carolina Upstate
AD Dental Hygiene, Greenville Technical College
Phone Number:
(864) 231-5629
Deanna Bland Hiott

What classes do you teach at Anderson

In 2017 I transitioned into teaching in the graduate nursing program at Anderson University. Subsequently, I developed online MSN and DNP courses that focus on research, proposal development, dissemination, and interprofessional collaboration. Finding new and creative ways to engage students within the online environment intrigues me so I enjoy incorporating numerous visual and auditory media into the online classroom to enhance the student’s learning experience

What year did you start teaching at AU

In 2015 I started teaching pediatrics in the undergraduate nursing program.

Why teach at AU?

I teach because I love what I do and have done, and I hope to share this passion with others.


I love, love, love to garden, but I hate pulling weeds. I also love writing, traveling and spending time with my family.

Notable achievements outside of discipline

God allowed me to marry my best friend 40 years ago. Since then He has blessed us with our best and most beautiful accomplishments, six children and four grandchildren.

People might be interested to know I...

People might be interested to know that as an undergraduate nurse I hated nursing research! Then I had the opportunity to obtain a white, yellow and finally a green belt in Lean Six Sigma (LSS). I earned these LSS belts as part of a grant initiative that was used to teach nurses about quality improvement. Lean Six Sigma is what sparked my interest in research and now the rest is history. I am passionate about my research into adolescent risk screening within the primary care setting. I think improvements in this area can help alert heath care professionals to struggling, at-risk adolescents.

Places you've lived

The upstate of South Carolina is my home. I was born in Fountain Inn, South Carolina, lived in Greenville, South Carolina, and settled in Greer, South Carolina!

What do you find most enjoyable about working at Anderson University?

I love working at Anderson University. The historical campus is beautiful. But it is the heart of the university that has touched me most. The first summer I worked here, we had camps of teens on campus. AU leadership and staff went out of their way to make them all feel welcome. Then as a pediatric instructor and mother of six children, this was important to me. It’s easy to talk about God’s love but putting the needs of noisy teenagers first exemplifies it!

What I wish prospectives students knew about my discipline or careers in my discipline.

One of the greatest things about nursing is that it can equip you with the ability to move into new areas of interest and reinvent yourself as you move through life. Along the way you meet new people, learn new things and explore new settings. I have had the privilege to work in homes, hospitals, clinics, and schools. I have cared for patients and families, initiated quality improvements within organizations and researched ways to improve adolescent health. I have taught future colleagues and generated lasting professional relationships. Never did I realize all the places nursing could take me, all the people I would meet, and all the awe-inspiring moments and opportunities that would arise from this single life choice.

How would you describe your classes to someone who has never attended one?

That is a good question. Probably the words of my students are best used to describe my classes. My students say I “have a passion for teaching and nursing research” and that my “love for God and the students” shows in my classes. I am humbled by these comments. I agree that I am passionate about nursing research and the success of my students. I am who I am due to the patience and guidance of the professors who taught me, so I am joyful to pass their caring and expertise on to the next generation of nurses. Additionally, I delight in finding creative and memorable ways to bring the subject matter to life. Research, proposal development, and dissemination are difficult, writing intensive courses. The outcomes are geared toward assisting the students to conduct their own research and quality improvement projects. Improving the quality of patient care where they work can be deeply satisfying to the students. They will be the future leaders in their field of nursing, so it is my honor to assist them to achieve their goals.


Nursing class wikis focusing on pediatrics, fundamentals, geriatrics, and pathophysiology located at

Nurse’s Watch Blog: Conversations on contemporary nursing, nursing education, leadership, and spirituality located at

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