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Welcome to the College of Health Profession,

As Dean, I want to thank you for learning more about the College of Health Professions and the Schools contained within the College.   Whether you are a first-time visitor to our website or maybe you have visited the campus many times, we welcome you and encourage you to know more about our university by viewing our programs.

This is an incredible time to be in health care, wellness and human services. The Department of Labor indicates that we need to create approximately six million new jobs by the Year 2020.  This growth is forced by an aging population and longer life expectancies. Anderson University is meeting the demands and our graduates will meet these challenges. An example of how our university is meeting this demand can be observed in our School of Nursing. Through the hard work of our faculty and our outstanding students, our pass rate this year in our School of Nursing is 100% for those taking their licensing exam on their first attempt.  This is outstanding!  This is due to the dedication of our outstanding faculty and our incredible students.

The College of Health Professions is comprised of four schools. These are the School of Allied Health, School of Nursing, School of Human Performance, the developing School of Physical Therapy along with The Center for Medical Simulations and Cadaver Lab.  With our unique programs in our Anderson and Greenville campuses, our capacity for interdisciplinary education is encouraged and provides the opportunity to graduate clinicians much better prepared for the workplace. Our faculty are with you every step of the way. A strong emphasis on providing real-world training and professional development with our academic partnerships with local healthcare facilities, human service organizations, and sports performance centers. The majority of our programs require students to complete internships or experiential training prior to graduation.

The Mission of the College of Health Professions is to prepare highly skilled professionals to advance, preserve and improve the health and quality of life of those we serve through our service to God, mankind and scholarship to our profession.  Anderson University provides a Christian environment to our students, our faculty and staff to support our mission of higher education.  In so doing, the College of Health Professions prescribes that the art and science of health will be taught from a Christian perspective so that you may gain a clear understanding of your calling from God to be a health and human services professional and how to serve Christ and humanity through your profession.  Each of our faculty members are Christ-followers who are here to help nurture you spiritually during your journey at Anderson University.

Again, I invite you to consider a visit to our beautiful campuses so that you may learn more about our exciting Anderson University programs.  I would encourage you to meet our faculty and staff, then tour our campuses. I know without a doubt Anderson University College of Health Professions will be your top pick for your educational endeavor.


Best wishes,

Donald M. Peace, Ph.D., FACHE

Dean, College of Health Professions

(864) 231-2134