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Engineering Our Built World

Our built world has been made possible and is constantly being transformed by the talents of mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineering is the study and application of fields and forces on bodies and systems at rest or in motion. Diverse and versatile, mechanical engineering touches all aspects of human activity in the built world. The mechanical engineer works on teams to contribute unique knowledge of the forces and thermal environment that a product, its component parts, or its various subsystems will experience during its commissioning, throughout its lifecycle and through its decommissioning; design these for cost-effective functionality, appropriate aesthetics, sustainability, resiliency and durability; and determine the most cost-effective and sustainable approach to manufacture that will achieve targeted operation.

Accordingly, mechanical engineers find careers in a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, communications, sensors and controls, microelectronics, biomedical technologies, energy conversion and storage, robotics and automation, and manufacturing. The cited examples illustrate two important points:

  • Mechanical engineers are highly sought after in many high impact industrial sectors
  • Mechanical engineers rarely work alone, working with others to deliver sophisticated solutions in the form of systems that benefit humanity

Mechanical engineers serve to advance national and global prosperity through the creative application of knowledge in their area of preparation on teams that conduct research, pursue product development and undertake deployment or application of mechanical technologies for the benefit of humanity.

The BS in Mechanical Engineering is pending approval by SACSCOC.