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Engineering Our Wired World

Technologies of our 20th century and beyond are immediately distinguished by their high degree of electrification and programming, that is, their dependence upon the talents of electrical and computer engineers. Some notable examples include our electric power grid and power sources, communications technologies such as radio, television, radar, satellites and our global positioning system, medical diagnostics and surgical robotics, smart domestic appliances, cell phones, and sophisticated sensors and control systems used in propulsion and navigation. The cited examples illustrate two important points:

  • Electrical and computer engineers are highly sought after in many high impact industrial sectors
  • Electrical and computer engineers rarely work alone, working with others to deliver sophisticated solutions in the form of systems that benefit humanity

Electrical and computer engineers serve to advance national and global prosperity through the creative application of knowledge in their area of preparation on teams that conduct research, pursue product development and undertake deployment or application of electrical and information technologies for the benefit of humanity.

The BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering is pending approval by SACSCOC.