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Ms. Katherine Woodberry (center), math teacher at Westside High School in Anderson, S.C., was the 2021 recipient of the C. F. Reames award. Senior Teaching Fellow Jessica Simek (left) recommended Ms. Woodberry, and Ms. Nancy Hanley (right) presented the plaque, certificate, and honorarium to Ms. Woodberry.

The C.F. Reames Award is presented by the Anderson University Senior Teaching Fellows to an outstanding public school educator in the State of South Carolina.  This educator is recognized and awarded a certificate, a plaque, and an honorarium at the Anderson University Awards Convocation.  Ms. Caroline Tolbert, daughter of C.F. Reames, attends the convocation and presents the award with Mrs. Ashley Stone, Director, and the senior Teaching Fellow President.  Ms. Tolbert, a member of the Anderson University Teaching Fellows Advisory Council, hosts events at the Tolbert Peace Pavilion.

Mr. C. F. Reames was well known when Anderson had a Boys High.  His legacy remains strong in the Anderson area as Anderson School District Five has established the C. F. Reames Education Center, to provide a setting for students and the community to share historical information and remember a school leader who impacted generations.

According to Mr. Greg Wilson/Anderson Observer, “the mission of the center is to offer programming for students to learn in non-traditional settings, and [the center] will house the Anderson School District Five Charter School, the Bridge Academy and the Personalized Learning Center.”

 “A group of Boys’ High alumni who meet regularly for lunch under the tag line, ‘Frog’s Boys,’ continue to remember Reames as an educator who took a strong lead in providing discipline and instilled character into the young men he supervised as principal. These men have kept Reames’ legacy alive and have become leaders in the Anderson community giving him credit for making “men from boys.”  

The 2020 recipient of the C. F. Reames Award is Mr. Andrew Rigsby, Greenville County.