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Exchange Student Application Process


  • The instructions on this page are intended for Exchange Students only. Exchange students are undergraduate students who have been selected by Anderson’s partner universities to study at AU for one or two semesters. 
    International students applying to AU for a degree program need to start at this page.
  • Only completed online applications with all supporting documents can be processed.  Faxed, mailed, or scanned applications cannot be processed.
  • At any point prior to the deadlines, classes in certain academic programs may be closed.

  • October 1 to begin studies in January (spring semester/calendar year applicants)
  • March 15 to begin studies in August (fall semester/academic year applicants)

Grade Point Average (GPA): Anderson University's admission requirements extend to incoming undergraduate and graduate exchange students. Nominees for admission as exchange students must have a minimum cumulative GPA equivalent to a U.S. 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (above average grades).


An official or certified university transcript showing all university courses previously taken and their grade is required. If the transcript is not in English, it must be accompanied by a certified translation.

Approval From Home University: A letter of acceptance from your home university must be sent to the Center for Global Engagement in order to show that you have applied officially for the program as well as been accepted to attend our exchange program by your current home institution/university.

English Language Ability: Anderson University requires that all international students possess adequate English language ability. Please note that this requirement only applies if English is not your native language or if the language of instruction at your home university is not English. (Score results must be from a test taken within the past two years.)


In order to meet this requirement AU generally requires international exchange students to submit one (1) of the following:

  • TOEFL Total score of 75 or higher or an IELTS Overall score of 6 or higher
  • Exception can be made if the university they are currently attending is instructing in English.
  • Letters stating proficiency from the International Office through internal testing are acceptable for our exchange partners.

Scans of official score reports scanned and uploaded with your incoming exchange application are acceptable.

Proof of Financial Support (2020-2021): Evidence of financial support of $8,068.00 USD for one semester or $16,136.00 USD for two semesters must be provided. This needs to be an original document, uploaded to your online application, including financial information that is dated no earlier than one year before your program start date. This document will also be needed later when you apply for a visa at the U.S. Consulate.


Acceptable forms of financial support include:

  • Checking, Savings, Money Market Account Statements (must include account owner's name) or letter from the student's bank attesting to the financial savings of the sponsor
  • Certificate of Deposit (must include maturity date)
  • Student Loan Commitment (must show student is approved and should not include special conditions)
  • Government Sponsorship (must include award amount and description of coverage)

Copy of Passport: A clear, color scan of the passport information page with photo and full legal name is required. Passports must be valid for six months past the intended enrollment dates.

Application: Please note in the application that you are a part of a university exchange. You need approval from your home university before you apply. (Please do not apply unless you have official approval from your current university.) Click here for the undergraduate exchange student application.

Exchange students will be responsible for any expenses (other than tuition and fees) that are incurred during their stay at AU. Approximate expenses for one semester are $8,068.00 USD for room & board, books, and personal expenses. Estimated expenses for one full year (two semesters) is $16,136.00.

Tuition and fees at Anderson University are waived in accordance with the exchange agreement between AU and the partner institution. Classes fees (i.e. fees associated with a specific class) are not waived. You will also be asked to pay a housing/dorm deposit of $250.00 which is refundable once the semester is over, if your room is in proper condition. We also ask that you select the shipping method for your I-20 and pay for this expense via E-Global ship. The charge for express mailing of this document varies but ranges from $50.00 USD to 90.00 USD (depending upon shipping method and country).

Anderson University issues an I-20 form in order for students to apply for an F-1 student visa. The student's U.S. immigration document (I-20) will be prepared by the Center for Global Engagement after the exchange application has been processed. Typically, this takes 4-6 weeks. The immigration document and a general information packet is sent directly to the exchange program coordinator, who forwards it to the student. The packet includes information about Anderson University, visa documentation, the international student orientation, and health insurance. (We cannot legally scan or e-mail I-20s.)


All international students must pay the required SEVIS fee to the United States Department of Homeland Security per the instructions sent with the immigration document (I-20). It is not possible to pay the SEVIS fee before receiving the I-20. Students are responsible for paying the fee to mail the I-20 to the university via E-Global Ship. This information will be sent to you via email once your I-20 is approved and ready to be mailed.

On-campus housing: After students have been admitted and assigned an AU identification number, they can apply online for on-campus accommodation. As soon as an exchange student is admitted, Admissions sends an email explaining exactly how to apply online for housing. Note the following:

  • Click here to read more about the services of the AU housing office, including descriptions of the available residences.
  • Housing fees will be charged to the student's university account and can be paid by check or money order at Anderson Central, by wire transfer, or online.
  • Single rooms are not available to undergraduate students during the fall semester.

Off-campus housing: Exchange students must live on campus and purchase a meal plan. They are not allowed to live off campus. There are no exceptions to this policy since we prefer international exchange students to be immersed in the educational system of the US and have relative ease of the support network that living on campus provided by Anderson University.

Once an exchange student is officially admitted to Anderson, the student's file is forwarded to an academic advisor, who assists the exchange student with course registration. If there is a conflict with the student's requested courses or class schedule, the student will be notified by email. Students admitted to AU as undergraduates may take courses as long as they have all pre-requisites and the class is open. Your faculty adviser will help you register for classes. You must have the proper pre-requisite classes for all courses you register for. (There are no exceptions to the pre-requisite policy.)


IMPORTANT: Exchange students are not degree seeking students and must apply for official acceptance if they decide to stay in Anderson to complete a degree.

All exchange students are required to purchase health insurance to cover their stay in the United States. Even if your country covers your medical, while in the US, you need health insurance with a United States claims office. Anderson University recommends International Student Protection health insurance which can be purchased online at:

International students are required to maintain proper medical insurance as per F1 visa regulations. The US does not have socialized medical treatment, and insurance is required so that you can obtain proper care in the event of sickness or injury. There are no waivers for medical/health insurance and it is required that you purchase the recommended insurance for the full semester.

Students should contact the Center for Global Engagement for additional information. All exchange students must be officially approved by their university to attend Anderson University.

Center for Global Engagement:

Ann-Margaret J. Themistocleous, M.Ed., PDSO
Director, Center for Global Engagement
Anderson University
316 Boulevard
Anderson, SC 29621
864-231-2141  |  Email

International Admissions:

William Monts
Director, International Admissions
Anderson University
316 Boulevard
Anderson, SC 29621
864-231-5661  |  Email