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Kent Trainor Saunders
Professor of Finance and Economics
Academic Background
Bachelor of Science, Ball State University, Mathematical Economics
Master of Arts, Clemson University, Economics
Doctor of Philosophy, Clemson University, Applied Economics
Phone Number
(864) 622-6023

In seeking to teach at an institution such as Anderson University, Kent was “looking for a place where I can share my whole self. I do not need to compartmentalize my academic knowledge and keep it separate from my faith. My faith is an important part of who I am and who I want to be.”

When he was young, Kent always wanted to be a teacher. “Now that I am older, I have seen the impact of teaching in a broader sense. Former students of mine are now young adults and are making a positive impact on the world and society.”

He makes a conscious effort to integrate his Christian faith into his classes. “Some classes begin by reading and discussing scripture passages. In some classes, students have the opportunity to write a biblical integration essay and read it to the class. Through faith-integration exercises I hope to create an environment that enables students to share their perspective and make their own connections between their faith and the course content.”

What classes do you teach at Anderson

Derivatives and Portfolio Management, Financial Management, Investment Analysis

What year did you start teaching at AU


Why teach at AU?

I enjoy the overall feeling of friendliness, politeness and passion. People really care about each other and want to know one another. My faith in Jesus Christ is the primary reason that I have chosen to dedicate my professional life to Christian higher education.


Hiking to waterfalls

Notable achievements outside of discipline

Have taken student groups to visit Austria, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Germany and Switzerland.

People might be interested to know I...

I have served as the editor of the Christian Business Academy Review for 10 years (2006-2015).

How would you describe your classes to someone who has never attended one?

I hope to give students the basic tools that will allow them to understand opportunities that exist and the consequences of their decisions. I hope to provide students with a better understanding of how the world works and how their decision making influences, and is influenced by, surrounding society.


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