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AU Trojan

John W. Frazier

Professor of Management
Academic Background
Bachelor of Science, Roberts Wesleyan College, Business Administration
Master of Science, Roberts Wesleyan College, Management
Doctor of Business Administration, Anderson (Indiana) University
Phone Number:
(864) 760-1158
John W. Frazier

During John’s time in manufacturing he worked in design and process engineering, quality, production supervision, materials management, supplier quality assurance, and purchasing. “While in the automotive industry, I had the privilege of supervising many individuals, including both union and nonunion employees. Through these experiences I was able to learn a great deal about organizations and total quality management.”

He says management principles can be seen in all areas of life. “Whether you are running a small business or a Fortune 500 company, you will find management principles at play. There are so many fascinating theories and principles that can be applied.”

What classes do you teach at Anderson

Management Thought and Application, Organizational Behavior, Principles of Management, Quality Management

What year did you start teaching at AU


Why teach at AU?

I enjoy the opportunity to share some of the real-life experiences I have had with students. Relating real-world examples to the theoretical information that we talk about in class is exciting. I really enjoy that we can talk about this through the eyes of faith. I hope to try and get people thinking about business with a Christian worldview. That’s one of the things I enjoy about Anderson University. You know you’re encouraged to think about business from that perspective. I also enjoy the colleagues that I am privileged to work with. I have had some great mentors to show me the way over the years.


Fishing, golfing, hiking, traveling

Notable achievements outside of discipline

I was an assistant coach on the Women’s Basketball Team that won the 2007 NCCAA National Championship.

People might be interested to know I...

Served on the board of the Pickens County Vision 2025 Implementation Team. I also serve on the local board of administration at ALIVE Wesleyan Church in Central, South Carolina.

How would you describe your classes to someone who has never attended one?

I try to vary my approach in the classroom by incorporating as many learning styles as I can. We use lecture, role playing, class discussion, simulations, and other activities to enhance learning. I bring 12 1/2 years in the automobile industry and seven years of coaching college basketball with me. My combined educational, coaching, and manufacturing experience has enabled me to develop into an effective mentor and leader. I seek to challenge others to reach beyond their expectations. It is my belief that I can relate to college students and help them prepare for success in their personal and professional futures.


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