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AU Trojan

Gregory Alan Silver

Associate Professor
Academic Background
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Georgia
Master of Science, Georgia State University
Bachelor of Business Administration, Georgia State University
Phone Number:
(864) 332-6873
Gregory Alan Silver

What classes do you teach at Anderson

Computer Science I, Computer Science II, Computer Networking, Database Management, Systems Analysis and Design, Current Topics in CIS (Computer Information Systems)

What year did you start teaching at AU


Why teach at AU?

Working at Anderson University gives me the opportunity share my knowledge of computer science and information systems with students in an environment where the Christian faith is respected.

What do you find most enjoyable about working at Anderson University?

I enjoy seeing students develop skills that will help them become competent computing professionals.

How would you describe your classes to someone who has never attended one?

While theory will be taught, it will be accompanied by a lot of hands-on application.


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Silver, G., K. Bellipady, J. Miller, W. York, and K. Kochut. (December 2009). Supporting Interoperability Using the Discrete-event Modeling Ontology (DeMO). 2009 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC’09), Austin, TX. Proceeding and presentation. 

Silver, G., O. Al-haj Hassan, and J. Miller. (December 2007). From Domain Ontologies to Modeling Ontologies to Simulation Models. 2007 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC’07), Washington, DC. Proceedings and presentation

Silver, G., L. Lacy, and J. Miller (December 2006). Ontology Based Representations of Simulation Models Following the Process Interaction World View. 2006 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC’06), Monterey, California. Proceedings and presentation

Senthilanand Chandrasekara, John A. Miller, Gregory Silver, I. Budak Arpinar, Amit P. Sheth. (Spring 2003). Performance Analysis and Simulation of Composite Web Services. Electronic Markets: The International Journal of Electronic Commerce and Business Media (EM), Special Issue on Web Services, Ronald Klueter and Heiko Ludwig (Guest Editors), Vol. 13, No. 2 pp 18-30. Taylor and Francis Publishing.