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AU Trojan

Major in Spanish if you want to understand, speak and write in Spanish and be able to analyze Hispanic literature. You’ll also learn about the histories and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world in Europe and the Americas.

Why AU?

  •  Close-knit community = more Spanish practice
    At AU, you’ll have the benefit of studying Spanish in a small, close-knit community where all the students majoring in Spanish know each other—and you’ll have the opportunity to build strong relationships with your professors. The result: you’ll have more time to practice Spanish with your peers and fluent speakers.
  • Double major with ease
    The number of credits that you need to major in Spanish—32—is small enough to enable you to easily major in another subject to help you prepare for a career or graduate study.  Common double majors at AU include history and Spanish, and Spanish and biology.
  • Honor society and study abroad funds
    In addition to being part of a close-knit and active community of Spanish majors and professors, you can join AU’s chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the Spanish honor society. Membership, which requires you to take a certain number of Spanish classes while maintaining a high GPA, qualifies you to apply for Sigma Delta Pi study abroad scholarships.

Study Abroad
AU offers a six-week study aboard program to Salamanca, Spain, which includes a home stay while attending classes at a local language school. In Spain, you can test drive your Spanish in a major way while soaking in the sights and small moments that occur in another country and society.

Spanish Club
In addition to the intimate size, AU has a Spanish Club that organizes events, such as game night, Spanish worship night, and dinners where only Spanish is spoken. The club also hosts Hispanic Week, a series of cultural events that builds a community of students interested in Hispanic culture while educating the larger AU community.

Career Outlook

AU’s Spanish program will transform you into a global citizen. You’ll grow in your knowledge of cultural diversity and have the skills to communicate with people who may look different from you and approach life from another perspective. You’ll also have the skills to understand and analyze literature from Hispanic cultures. Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared for the following work and graduate study:

  • Spanish education
  • Hospital translation
  • History
  • Spanish
  • Hispanic studies
  • Linguistics