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Political science has long been part of the liberal arts tradition in North American higher education. AU’s Bachelor of Arts in Political Science will prepare you to thrive in the future as a principle-driven leader in a global society where Christian thinking and values are less valued than in the 20th century.

Our program examines forms of national, state and local government, as well as their constitutional underpinnings, in the United States and around the world. You’ll also learn the qualitative and quantitative research methods used in political science. In addition, you will study the legal and ethical concepts that societies use to organize and wield power at all levels.

History, Social Science, Behavioral Science

Your courses will come from within the political science curriculum as well as from history and social and behavioral science. Some of the main subject areas include political processes, research methods and political thought and analysis.

Studying political processes helps you understand complex social structures, which in turn helps you think, communicate and behave within multicultural environments. Research is a key function of many jobs related to political science, so you’ll learn how to gather data and analyze and use statistics. Political thought and analysis deals with concepts and realities related to political philosophies, which help you understand the motivations behind political behavior and, in a broader sense, human behavior.

Think Deeply, Be Supported

AU is known for its supportive atmosphere and caring faculty. All courses at AU are informed by faith and spirituality. You won’t have to ignore the role your faith plays in how you learn. As a political science major, you’ll be able to think about the world as an informed citizen while applying your faith as it relates to government and politics. Politics, education, law and government service are areas in which you have the opportunity to articulate and advocate for Christian values in the public sphere.

Government Study Through Boys State

AU’s Political Science program is a natural extension of our relationship with Palmetto Boys State, an annual program for high school students sponsored by The American Legion and hosted by the University. Palmetto Boys State intends to “spark interest and pride in government” on the national and local levels.

Palmetto Boys State attracts some of the most academically qualified young men in South Carolina, with many aspiring to careers in public service and civic engagement. AU offers a Palmetto Boys State Presidential Scholarship and Palmetto Boys and Girls State Scholarships. Scholarships range from $1,000 to $10,000; contact the AU Admissions Office at (864) 328-1835, (800) 542-3594, or for details.

Your Future

Having honed both your analytical and communications skills, you’ll be able to use your political science degree in a wide range of fields. Recent trends show a large number of political science and government graduates working in job categories as varied as lawyers, judges, magistrates and other judicial workers; surveyors, cartographers and photogrammetrists (professionals who make measurements using photography); and economists.

You might also find yourself working in secondary education or at a university teaching history or social science courses. In politics, you can deploy your skills as an activist, advisor or analyst. In government service, you may work on the staff of an elected body or government agency charged with enacting, enforcing or interpreting public policy. A bachelor’s degree in political science can also lead you to law school or a graduate degree in the social sciences or history.

Major or Minor in Political Science

To pursue a B.A. in political science, you’ll take 16 hours of core courses in your major along with 18 hours of upper-division courses. A minor in political science is also available. There, you would take nine hours of core courses plus nine hours of upper-division courses.