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AU Trojan

Randall Wilhelm

Assistant Professor of English
Academic Background
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Winthrop University
Master of Arts, Clemson University, English
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Tennessee, American Literature
Phone Number:
(864) 760-1173
Randall Wilhelm

What classes do you teach at Anderson

Composition and Communication I and II, Literary Theory, 19th Century American Literature, Southern Literature, Special Topics (Appalachian Literature, Literature of the “Rough South”), 20th Century American Literature

What year did you start teaching at AU


Why teach at AU?

The camaraderie among students and faculty and the strong sense of community and commitment to moral and intellectual values.


Hiking, backpacking, painting, drawing, travel

People might be interested to know I...

Am the son of legendary Clemson University baseball coach and National Collegiate Baseball Hall of Fame member, Bill Wilhelm

How would you describe your classes to someone who has never attended one?

Relaxed seriousness


Wilhelm, Randall. 2014. The Ron Rash Reader (Editor). Columbia: University of South Carolina Press.

Wilhelm, Randall. 2014. All the pretty (picture book) horses: Cormac McCarthy as verbal illustrator. Beyond Borders: All the Pretty Horses. Casebook Studies in Cormac McCarthy, Vol. III. Miami, Florida: The Cormac McCarthy Society.

Wilhelm, Randall. 2014. Seeing Paul Gauguin in Philip Roth’s “Goodbye, Columbus.” Philip Roth Studies. 10 (2): 47-60.

Wilhelm, Randall. 2012. The wrath of the path: spatial politics and municipal power in McCarthy’s Suttree. Casebook Studies in Cormac McCarthy, Vol. I. Miami, Florida: The Cormac McCarthy Society.

Wilhelm, Randall. 2012. You would not believe what watches: Suttree and Cormac McCarthy’s Knoxville. Casebook Studies in Cormac McCarthy, Vol. I. Miami, Florida: The Cormac McCarthy Society.