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AU Trojan

Rachel Liz Butler

Lecturer of Spanish
Academic Background
Bachelor of Arts, Mississippi College
Master of Arts, University of Georgia
Phone Number:
(864) 231-5523
Rachel Liz Butler

Rachel points out there are many corporations expanding overseas and/or dealing in international trade. “To speak another language, and to understand its people and culture, can give you a distinct advantage.”

What classes do you teach at Anderson

Elementary Spanish, Elementary Spanish in Review, Portuguese

What year did you start teaching at AU


Why teach at AU?

I was blessed to attend a Christian university as well as spend time in the mission field. Teaching Spanish at AU allows me the opportunity to give back and minister to students. It is a Christ-centered environment that seeks to witness in practical ways and engage students in a very personal way.


Camping, reading, fitness, traveling

How would you describe your classes to someone who has never attended one?

We enjoy learning in a fun, yet rigorous atmosphere. We talk about languages, cultures and countries that give us a different perspective about our own lives. It is exciting to broaden our horizons and to learn how to speak in another language.