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AU Trojan

Biology is the study of life, yes, but within the study of life is a universe of subjects to explore: molecular biology, cell biology, organismal biology and ecology. At AU, you can delve deeply into these subdisciplines and prepare for careers in research, health care, consulting, and other fields.

Why AU?

In addition to being a supportive, Christian environment, here are other reasons why you should consider studying biology here:

  • Close-knit community
    We’re small and close-knit. Our intro classes and labs are capped at 24 students, and the same professor who teaches your lecture will teach your lab. You can’t expect to have such small intro classes and labs at a large research university. Because we’re small, you can personally know all of your profs and fellow students. You can be on a first-name basis with everyone in the biology program.
  • Rigor and research
    You’ll learn a lot of biology, but you’ll also learn how to think critically through case studies and labs that challenge you to draw upon what you’re learning in biology subdisciplines. We could ask you what symptoms a medical patient would display—and why—if she had a specific genetic disorder. You’d draw upon your studies in genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, and organismal biology to answer this sample question. And to graduate, you’ll also complete a research project on an original question you’ll propose in which you design and carry out an experiment, and present your findings. This rigor and research will prepare you for a career in science.
  • Knowledgeable professors who are approachable
    Our professors are accomplished and knowledgeable, but they’re also approachable. That means that as an undergrad, you’ll feel comfortable asking for help and inquiring about research opportunities. And after you graduate, you’ll feel comfortable cultivating similar relationships with professors in medical school and other graduate programs. Feeling comfortable with your professors and others will help you obtain vital understanding—and success—in school and beyond. 
  • Research resources: cancer center and nature park
    AU has facilities, equipment and resources that will support your research, such as the Center for Cancer Research and the Rocky River Nature Park. Even as an undergrad, you can conduct research in cancer, environmental water quality, and myriad other biology-related topics.

Career Outlook

In addition to obtaining a foundation in biology and its sub-disciplines, you’ll graduate with experience performing research. This preparation includes being proficient with using current research equipment and methodologies and a project in which you put your skills to practice. If you’re considering a career in medicine, you can intern at AnMed Health Medical Center in Anderson and shadow doctors alongside medical school students. Majoring in biology at AU will prepare you for careers and graduate programs in the following fields: