Special Programs

Dual Enrollment Students

Our dual enrollment program permits high school students to enroll in courses for college credit during regular semesters or in the summer. Credit earned in this program may be applied toward a degree at Anderson University, or may be transferred to another school. However, since transfer policies vary from institution to institution, Anderson University cannot guarantee that every school will accept credit earned in these programs.

Dual enrollment students must submit an application, approval from their principal or guidance counselor, an official high school transcript and appropriate SAT or ACT scores to take courses at Anderson University. Students wishing to enroll in English courses must make at least a 500 on the writing portion of the SAT or a 21 on the writing portion of the ACT. Under certain circumstances, it is possible for students to take courses at their high school and/or at Anderson University, which will count for both high school and college credit.

Transient students

Applicants who have been attending or are currently attending another college or university and desire to enroll in a course or courses at Anderson University must submit an application online. Students must also submit a statement or form from officials at their current institution indicating that they have approval to take courses at Anderson University. Please contact the Admission Office with questions: (864) 231-2030.

Teacher Cadet Students

The primary goal of the Teacher Cadet Program is to encourage academically able students who possess exemplary interpersonal and leadership skills to consider teaching as a career. Students enrolled in "Teacher Cadet" at partner schools may take EDU 101, which is a three (3) credit hour course designed to familiarize senior high school students with the role of the teacher and with the profession of teaching. All students enrolled in this program must meet the criteria established by the Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, & Advancement (CERRA) for admission into the Teacher Cadet program. Please note the application fee for the Teacher Cadet application is $100. For assistance, please contact the Coordinator of Teacher Cadet Programs, Beth Poole, at (864) 506-5215 or epoole@andersonuniversity.edu.

Teacher Certification students

Students seeking only a teaching certificate must be meet all University, state, regional, and national standards that traditional students are required to meet. All students must be formally admitted into the Teacher Education Program and must complete the following:

  1. present official transcripts from an accredited degree granting institution
  2. have their transcripts reviewed by the Director of Teacher Education and the Department Chairperson in which the student is seeking a credential to teach
  3. have in the permanent file a signed statement from the Director of Teacher Education and the specific Department Chairperson to indicate an agreement with the program of study
  4. be accepted into the Teacher Education Program after meeting all admission guidelines

Auditing students

Students who desire to audit a course must complete a general application here. Contact the Registrar's office for approval and the official form that is required to pursue this course. They can be contacted at registrar@andersonuniversity.edu . Students desiring to audit classes must have approval of the Registrar and the instructor of the course. Auditors are "listeners" in the class. They do not take examinations and do not receive credit. They may participate in class discussion with the approval of the instructor. The fee for auditing a course is one-half the normal tuition for the course and any special fees that may be required for registering for that course.