Lifelong Learning Institute

Lifelong Learning Institute

Fall 2016 Course Proposals Due by Friday, April 22, 2016 

The Lifelong Learning Institute at Anderson University welcomes new course ideas. If you are interested in developing and teaching a new course, complete the attached proposal form and email it or mail it to the director of the Lifelong Learning Institute at Anderson University by the due date. An incomplete proposal will not be reviewed by the Curriculum Committee.

Download the proposal form here.

Lifelong Learning Institute

Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) at Anderson University is one of over 400 such programs throughout the United States and Canada which now number approximately 100,000 members.

A local LLI is a member-driven organization which presents non-credit short courses for mature learners who want to improve skills, explore new ideas, and interact with interesting and active people.

  • Any adult who is interested in learning is welcome to join.
  • There are no age or educational requirements.
  • While backgrounds may differ, all our participants share a common desire to meet new people and, most importantly, to continue to learn throughout a lifetime.


Our Lifelong Learning Institute is fun, fellowship, and an academic challenge without the traditional concerns of term papers, grades, or failure. Members receive mailings and may participate in the organization as much or as little as they choose, including special events for members only.

The LLI Organization

LLI is planned, organized, and governed by a volunteer Advisory Board and a Director.

Membership and Benefits

Annual members of the LLI at Anderson University receive an annual membership card and have the following opportunities and perks.

  • Enjoy discounts for ticketed student theater and music events on campus.
  • Enjoy a growing number of ongoing discounts at local businesses.
  • Attend monthly FREE Friday Alive! sessions.
  • Enroll in non-credit courses for a minimal fee.
  • Receive a campus parking pass.
  • Enjoy Anderson University library privileges.
  • Receive special mailings and publications.
  • Participate in social and special events, and build relationships that last a lifetime.
  • Membership dates are effective for January – December or August – July with the annual membership fee of $30 per member.

Click here for a schedule of upcoming theatre and musical presentations.

Here's a list of discounts from local businesses.

Full use of AU's Thrift Library

The Thrift Library Building is a 53,000 square foot multipurpose building containing the Thrift Library, the Chapman Multimedia Room, Chapman Meeting Room, Food for Thought Cafe, Java City, Vandiver Art Gallery, and Bunton Computer Lab. The building is on Kingsley Road next to the Fine Arts Center and across Kingsley from the Watkins Teaching Center.

Discount Prices for Meals at Campus Food Locations

By showing their annual membership cards, LLI members receive discounts at campus food locations: the dining room in Merritt Administration Building, the Student Center Building grill, and Food for Thought Café in Thrift Library.

Course Registration

Registrations are accepted in the order in which they are received until classes are filled. Students may register via mail, email, or by leaving a phone message. Within a few days of receiving your registration, we will send a confirmation along with information about classroom location, a parking decal, and a campus map. Annual membership cards will be mailed with confirmations or given to participants during the first session of class.

Gifts to LLI

If you will consider making a gift to Lifelong Learning Institute at Anderson University, please call the Institutional Advancement Office at 864-231-5617 for more information about this and other opportunities for LLI friends.

Travel Club

Is travel a learning experience for you? The AULLI Travel Club meets on the first Thursday of the month at 1:00 p.m. at the Anderson County Library. Club dues are $10.00 per year and new members may join at any time. If you would like to learn more, contact club president Bill Brush at (864) 261 -9339.

Parking and Safety for Lifelong Learning Classes

Most Lifelong Learning classes meet on the Athletic Campus (the old fairgrounds). Parking near the classroom wing should not be a problem. Also, all classrooms are on ground level. Several administrative offices are located on the Athletic Campus, and various student activities take place there, day and night. Campus Security personnel patrol the area regularly, and it is well lighted. LLI members are asked to park in the white spaces and to put the parking decal on the dashboard. The campus map, included in the registration packet that confirms your registration, will note parking areas closest to the building of classes.

Parking on the Main Campus

By contrast, parking is tight most of the time on the main campus. LLI members are requested to follow the same procedures for Main Campus parking.

Parking Permits

LLI members receive parking permits which should be displayed on their automobile dashboards while on the Main Campus or the Athletic Campus.


If you wish to visit an LLI class or bring a friend to class, please ask for permission in advance by calling 864-231-5617 or by email:


All campus buildings are smoke free.

Meals and Snacks

As indicated with member benefits, LLI members will receive discounts at all campus food service locations.

Inclement Weather

If Anderson University classes are canceled, LLI classes are also canceled. School closings are announced in the local news (radio and television) and in the news section of the Anderson University website found on the homepage.

Any Questions?

Use the following contact information for more about Lifelong Learning Institute at Anderson University.

Phone: (864) 231-5617