Development Staff

Wayne Landrith
Senior Vice President for Development and Presidential Affairs
312 Kingsley Road
(864) 231-2025

Bert Epting
Associate Vice President for Development
312 Kingsley Road
(864) 622-6079

Dean Woods
Vice President for Principal Gifts and Special Assistant to the President
Merritt Administration Bldg.
(864) 231-2068

Mary Long
Executive Assistant for Development and Office Manager
312 Kingsley Road
(864) 231-2147

Bradley Orr
Associate Vice President for Corporate and Annual Giving
312 Kingsley Road
(864) 231-5784

Jason Rutland
Associate Vice President for Alumni and Parent Engagement
312 Kingsley Road
(864) 231-2444

Cindy Wolf
Assistant Coordinator of Research and Records
312 Kingsley Road
(864) 231-2140

Brenda McKee
Coordinator of Research and Records
312 Kingsley Road
(864) 231-2103

Beth Friend
Director of Grant Writing and Prospect Management
312 Kingsley Road

Mimsy Barfoot
Coordinator of Special Events and Administrative Assistant for Alumni and Development