Definition of Credit Hour

Anderson University has established a normative system for credit hours based upon 2100 instructional minutes for a standard 3-credit hour course. For seated courses this equates to 15 weeks of instruction plus the exam period where 3-day per week courses meet for 50 minutes per class, and two day per week courses meet for 75 minutes per class. Attached to this standard is the normative expectation that students spend two hours working on class-related activities out of class for every hour they spend in the classroom. This model is used as the basis for determining the credit awarded for all courses regardless of the format for delivery. All classes currently taught at the University originated as seated courses, and have been adapted to other delivery formats. All classes have established learning outcomes that are published in the syllabus. Faculty who teach hybrid or online classes begin with identical learning outcomes and content delivery established for a seated course and then reformat the content for online delivery and assessment of student learning.