David T. Clamp Graduate School of Christian Ministry

The David T. Clamp Graduate School of Christian Ministry is home to AU’s Master of Ministry and the Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Preaching.

Master of Ministry

The Master of Ministry is a 42-credit-hour program that equips pastors and lay leaders with the core competencies needed for twenty-first century ministry. In addition to a solid biblical and theological foundation, you’ll receive three times more leadership training than pastors typically receive in seminaries. This degree will also provide you with valuable training in communication, preaching, evangelism, church health and pastoral ministry.

Convenience for those in full-time ministry

AU’s Master of Ministry also is a convenient solution to degree seekers in full-time ministry because it can be completed in two years either online or by taking classes on campus one night a week during the fall and spring semesters and during more concentrated classes in May and the summer.

Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Preaching

Our Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Preaching increases pastors’ and church leaders’ understanding of biblical preaching and gives them tools to further develop their preaching gifts. Doctoral candidates complete the 35-hour program through independent, online study and seminars that meet on campus or at other locations. Successful candidates will also research and complete a significant ministry project and dissertation. For more information call (864) 328-1809 or email ministry@andersonuniversity.edu.