Cultural Experience Program (CEP)

Successful completion of the Cultural Experience Program is a graduation requirement at Anderson University.

The purpose of The Cultural Experience Program is to enrich students’ academic experience by providing co-curricular opportunities for students to grow in the knowledge and appreciation of the arts, to grow in the knowledge of the components of a healthy lifestyle, and to develop knowledge that supports personal, professional, and civic growth. Programs range from fine arts events (music, theatre, and art), guest speakers on a variety of topics, academic enrichment workshops, presentations on healthy lifestyles, to community awareness and service events.

Students who have received a minimum of twenty-four (24) CEP credits have satisfied the CEP requirement for graduation.

Need to check your CEP credit total? Click the following link and login using your name and student ID:

Students receive CEP credit at the conclusion of each CEP event. Students must present their student IDs at the scanning station in order to receive credit for the event. Scanning stations are clearly marked by a six foot CEP banner. For more information on scanning station locations refer to the diagrams below.

For your reference, please review the diagrams that outline the scanning stations at the exits.

For more information or questions about CEP, please contact the Office of Student Development at (864) 231-7075 or

Students exiting events in Henderson will swipe cards at the single door exits, and the lobby exits (see diagram). The double doors will be for other patrons that are exiting Henderson and will not have card swiping stations.

Daniel Recital Hall:
Students should exit Daniel on the stage right door (see diagram) for the scanning station. The stage right door is the door closest to Henderson.

Students exiting Belk will find a scanning station in the lobby outside of Belk (see diagram). The station will be located across from the Belk theater door.

Vandiver Art Gallery:
Students that attend art gallery talks/receptions will find a scanning station location in the lobby outside of Vandiver (see diagram).

Merritt Theater:
Students exiting Merritt will find scanning stations in the lobby of Merritt Theatre, as well as, the 2nd floor stairwell exits (see diagram).

Events hosted in classrooms, residence hall lobbies, or smaller rooms on campus:
Students will find a scanning station located near the main exit to the room.